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Principal Focusing Area

Aims Tec PVT. LTD. performs the operational auditing of assets, hydrocarbon producers, certification of material imports & exports, testing and analysis of food products, quality controlling of consumer goods and agricultural products, customs revenue optimization services and procurement auditing.

Furthermore Aims Tec PVT. LTD. offers following services in numerous areas as mentioned below:

  • Third Party Testing, Survey of Industrial Equipment and Assets
  • Structural Designing, Engineering and Consultancy
  • Agricultural Commodities, Food Products and Consumer Goods Testing
  • Instruments Inspection Services
  • Instrumental Repair and Maintenance
  • All parameters Instrument Periodical Calibrationn
  • Hot and Cold Loop System Testing
  • ESDS Troubleshooting and Programming
  • Gaseous Emission and Noise Level Measurement
  • Vehicular Emission Test
  • Indoor and Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Natural Fertilizer and Soil Testing
  • Drinking Water Quality Tests
  • Waste Water/ Industrial Effluents/ Sludge Testing
  • Noise and Light Exposure Survey
  • Environmental Examination, Audit and Impact Assessment
  • Meteorological Parameters (Wind, UV-Rays, Humidity, visibility and Temperature)
  • Petroleum Products and Coal Testing
  • Waste Collection, Recycling and Treatment
  • Pest and Rodent Control Fumigation Services