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Calibration Services

Calibration can be briefly described as an activity where the instrument being tested is compared to a known reference value. At the simplest level, calibration is a comparison between measurements – one of known magnitude or correctness made or set with one device, and another measurement made in as similar a way as possible with a second device. The device with the known or assigned correctness is called the standard. The second device is the unit under test or test instrument.

Calibration ensures that instrument drift is minimized. Even the highest quality instruments will drift over time and lose their ability to provide accurate measurements. It is therefore critical that all instruments are calibrated at appropriate intervals.

The stability of an instrument very much depends on its application and the environment it operates in. Fluctuating temperatures, harsh manufacturing conditions (dust and dirt) and elapsed time are all contributing factors here. Even instruments manufactured by the same supplier can vary in their performance over time.

Calibration also ensures that product or batch quality remains high and consistent over time. Quality systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 require systematic, well-documented calibrations with respect to accuracy, repeatability, uncertainty and confidence levels. This affects all process manufacturers.

So, without any communication gap we are here to provide you these kinds of services as well with negotiable prices. We have our own dedicated calibrated instrument calibration that provides facility of calibration at our main office. On site calibrations can also be undertaken by our field technicians and experienced Team. All calibration equipment is certified on an annual basis.