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Shiping Service

AIMS TEC (PVT) LTD. provides reliable pre-shipment inspection services for finished products and also any bulk commodity; PSI can also be extended to include traceability, for example mine audits and processes such as farm audits, crop monitoring, produce classification, stock monitoring and weigh bridge control.

Core PSI services provide physical and visual inspection of goods prior to shipment to establish that imported and exported goods and their invoice value, tariff code and customs duty all conform to specification and correspond to packing lists so that they are able to clear through customs authorities in any given country. PSI prevents over- invoicing and assists customs in the collection of correct duties. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) and analysis services include checking that the product is within specification and fit for intended use, assessment and inspection of quality control processes, witnessing in house tests, packaging-reporting services – checking labeling and documentation, weight verification - gross, tare & net, bagging supervision – checking bag strength and durability.

  • Condition Survey and Draft Survey / Barge Gauging
  • Tanks and Liquid Cargo Survey
  • Stability Calculation Survey
  • Hatch Survey
  • Performance Survey
  • Container Inspection Survey
  • On / Off Hire Survey
  • Marine Cargo Surveying
  • Gas Free Survey
  • Hull and Engine Survey
  • Pre-shipment Survey

AIMS TEC (PVT) LTD. laboratories are fully equipped with traditional and modern instrumentation to deliver fast, reliable and accurate certificates for your commercial transactions. Our experienced team enables us to provide commercial interpretations of analysis, inspection, sampling and technical procedures and results.

Commodity inspection

  • Garment Inspection Services
  • AQL Chart for the Fashion Industry & QA/QC, Inspection
  • Garment Inspection for export
  • Factory Assessment
  • Product Inspection
  • Private Label Support on Food
  • Food Product Inspection
  • Regulatory Advisory / Inspection Service Food
  • Inspection/ Monitoring Supplier and Supply Chain Food
  • Factory Quality Assessment/ Inspection
  • Materials Testing, Inspection
  • Inspection Care Labeling
  • Final Random and In-line Inspection
  • Performance Testing/ Inspection
  • Foods Quality - Safety - Compliance
  • Footwear Products Quality - Safety - Compliance - Inspection
  • Leather Products Test - Inspection
  • Family Textile Products Test - Inspection