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Analytical Testing Services Aims Tec

Aims Tec a small, independent service organization was formed in 2011 to provide high quality consultation and testing on environmental issues...

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Aims Tec Air Quality Services

The quality of our air directly impacts our health and the natural environment, so we want our air to be as clean as possible...

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Aims Tec Vehicle Emission Testing Services

In recent years concern about exhaust emissions from motor vehicles has been increasing. To combat this, the motor industry has been...

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Gaseous Emission Testing Services

Aims Tec Private Limited offers complete range Emissions Testing and Service to help organizations keep up with increasingly...

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Occupational and Environmental Noise Measurement Services

Occupational noise has been a constant threat since the birth of industry and occupational noise monitoring needs to be carried out...

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Illumination (LUX) Level Monitoring

We are reckoned among the leading service providers, involved in providing Illumination Level Monitoring. The offered service...

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Health Safety and Environment Services

To enable employers to comply with Health and Safety regulations and best practice, Aims Tec provides a diverse range of consultancy services...

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Environmental Consultancy Services

Aims Tec offers a comprehensive Environmental Consultancy service personalized to your company’s needs. We can help you to assess ...

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Aims Tec Calibration Services

Aims Tec Calibration Laboratory is a most diverse calibration and repair lab. We offer electronic, mechanical and dimensional calibrations...

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Aims Tec Engineering Design and Consulting Services

Aims Tec Pvt Ltd is committed to developing engineering solutions to meet our Clients’ most complex requirements. Engineering...

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Miscellaneous Services

The treatment and handling of sewage, food waste and many other organic or non-organic materials can very often cause emissions...

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